Stress? Headache? LI-4 May Help Provide Relief


Suffering from increasing stress? Have a tension headache and probably looking for a way to help reduce or quell the pain? Wish there was a way to help yourself feel better? Maybe this point on your hand can help and you don’t have to spend any money.

LI 4 is known as He Gu or “the valley” translated. It is a point widely used in practice and in my opinion one of the most well known acupuncture and acupressure points out there. I use it all the time in combination with breathing techniques and an accommodating, relaxed, good posture.

A Youtube video dedicated to LI 4 can be found here.

Studies show that this point can “significantly reduce myofascial pain” in the muscles of the jaw. 1 The point has also be associated with the relieving of tension and migraine type headaches. 1. This point has also traditionally been contraindicated and known as “Forbidden points” during pregnancy for it’s ability to increase the risk for early uterine contraction. 2



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